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A dream one night in 1995 about a church, which would serve a city and its inhabitants began an amazing journey for Pastor Adam and his family.

Pastor Adam's heart has always been filled with such themes as unity, working together, giving hope and responding to people's daily struggles, practical help — brought not just to believers, but in fact, mainly to people from outside the church. And his dream to see evangelical Christians have a real impact on the life of the city of Wrocław, its social, business, cultural and political spheres has burned since that night.

This vision, 24 years ago, gave birth to the "Wroclaw for Jesus" Christian Fellowship (WDJ). A dynamically developing church, operating in Wroclaw (the south-west of Poland) but also having a significant impact on the whole Lower Silesia region. Through its online streaming of church meetings as well as relationships with other fellowships, it also has a big impact on churches locally and the whole country. WDJ is a multi-generational and multi-cultural community of over 350 people: small children, youth, young families, mature and elderly people. The church is open to everyone, it helps people search for God and strengthen the relationship with Him, it does not reject the lost, helps the needy and inspires to lead a bold life.

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Renewal Festival

Pastor Adam is a visionary, so when God spoke to him about organizing a Christian Festival, he did exactly that and started working on it immediately.

The Renewal Festival consists of a few days of workshops, concerts, and meetings, kids play zone, outdoor café, and many other evangelistic events, all of them free of charge for everyone across Wroclaw. It is just one of the results coming from the positive co-operation of the Wroclaw Covenant of Pastors, which Adam coordinates. In 2019, the grand finale of the third edition of the festival, the main guest, Nick Vujcic, saw a crowd of over 20,000 people gather in the soccer stadium in Wroclaw, and along with the media coverage, the gospel reached about one million people.

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Cooperation with the city

Pastor Adam believes it’s important to build and maintain good relationships with the local government of Wroclaw, by praying for them, supporting socially important events, engaging and initiating meetings with other local Pastors and other activities. As a result of this fruitful relationship is the co-operation with the Wrocław Social Development Centre at the Renewal Festival as they organize the Kids Zone for the event.

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Christmas Eve with the “Come on, help” foundation

In 2018, Pastor Adam established a relationship with the “Come on, help” foundation, which distributes and supplies community fridges and feeds the needy on a regular basis. The whole church got involved in the preparation of a Christmas Eve meal for thousand homeless and poor people and organized Christmas gifts for them.

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Pastor Adam has initiated and supported the WDJ TV. It is a professional and creative team producing evangelistic materials on the Internet. The WDJ TV team is responsible for short films, the transmission of concerts, teachings, services and many other different events.

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A mission for moms

A group of mothers from the WDJ church, organize regular workshops for parents. The events are open and free for everyone. Their goal is to build a healthy relationship between parents and their children and to create good atmosphere at homes.

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Pastor Adam is a charismatic speaker, who continually speaks about Jesus and how to experience the Kingdom of God in everyday life. He gives valuable and practical tips. He likes to joke a lot and includes humor in his messages, involves his listeners and from time to time even breaks out in song while preaching. His favorite thing is to encourage others to develop themselves. He has a heart that teases but is always honest.

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Wroclaw Covenant of Pastors

Pastor Adam is the current coordinator of the Covenant of Pastors of Wroclaw. It is a forum consisting of 16 churches of Wroclaw, the goal of which is to join together in mission and social related actions for the city. Pastors of local fellowships meet together on a regular basis, to pray together and act in the mission and evangelistic field.

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Be The Light

A youth mission at the WDJ church. The group organizes evangelistic concerts, discussions, movie evenings, workshops, which are open to all the young people. It is also a true gold mine of volunteers, who pray wholeheartedly and effectively and bring practical help to others. The group consists of about 100 people and is still growing. Currently, young people are working on creating a volunteer emergency center for Wroclaw.

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KONKRET. Conference

An annual conference of the WDJ church and a permanent event in the map of Christian events in Poland. An amazing worship time, inspiring lectures, practical workshops concerning various areas of life, exceptional classes for children.

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Alpha course

A cycle of 10 meetings based on conversation, relationship building, asking questions and looking for answers as well as sharing meals together. A course tested over many years in different parts of the world as an outreach tool. In the fall of 2019, the course is going to start at the WDJ church.


Family Man
Adam and Agnieszka were married in 1993. They have three children and a daughter-in-law: Julia, Daniel, and Dawid with his wife, Kasia. 

The whole family is involved in serving the church. Agnieszka is a perfect strengthening for her husband. She has been building the fellowship with Adam since its very beginning. She is a valued speaker and minister, especially for women. Pastor Adam is also a spiritual father to many people at the church and beyond. A mentor and inspirer, and passionate about life.

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Connect with pastor Adam. Write an e-mail to